Wallpaper 101: How to choose the perfect wallpaper for your home decor?

Wallpaper 101: How to choose the perfect wallpaper for your home decor? Decor Four Korners Decor Canada

While remodelling a space it’s always a smart move to add some of your own persona and identity to it and like so many of you, we are loving the wallpaper trend right now. it can add such a great taste to a room and truly says something. but everyone who’s thought of using wallpaper has wondered, how do I choose the perfect wallpaper for my home?

Wallpaper is an easy way to completely modify your house aesthetics. yes, it can be a little daunting but the key is to be bold! Do not be afraid to try. Wallpapering can instantly add spice to your surroundings by adding some splash of colour, texture, pattern etc. Depending upon the sort of mood you are looking for or if you want to hide imperfections, you can easily make this decision. Just to make this process a little more simpler, we’ve compiled a series of questions you need to ask yourself while choosing your perfect wallpaper!

Light or Dark?

Colour impacts the rooms mood. If you have got a small room use cool colours as they make the area seem larger. Although white is the obvious choice, it isn’t the sole one. Colours like blue, green and violet might facilitate to deliver a similar impact and additionally add a touch of colour at the same time. Whereas darker shades will add a cozy and stylish ambience to the house. They also make the place feel a lot more intimate and create a perception of depth. Employing a daring palette is the the key to making a space feel zestful. Using warmer tones like red and orange, tend to make you feel warmer and more comfortable. The more intense the colour, the more excitement it’ll offer to the space.

What is the style you are going for?

Think about the room you’ll be using this wallpaper in. For eg, you probably wouldn’t use the same wallpaper in your kids’ room and that you would in your dining hall. Choosing the pattern of your wall covering can be the most crucial step as a room without a pattern or with miniature patterns can appear to be dull whereas a room with too many patterns can be overwhelming. You have to find the correct balance by mixing and matching. For rooms that are dark and do not have any windows, look for wallpapers with light patterns or maybe metallic or iridescent patterns so that they can reflect the maximum light. In rooms that have plenty of light sources use darker and more patterns as they absorb light. Large patterns typically work best in spaces that do not have a lot of saturating furnishings and they can compliment the room by making the walls dominating. Small patterns can be used merely to accent a wall or to fill up a large blank space. Large patterns can make a room look more chic, while small patterns can subtly furnish the space. Vertical stripes or patterns make the ceiling seem higher. Horizontal stripes or patterns appear to widen an area and bring ceilings down.

Casual or Bold?

If the mood that you are going for is more casual then go in for more subtle organic choices that have a more alleviating vibe. If its more romantic then choose florals and pastel shades or red hot! If the space is more modern, then go in with some contemporary options that are out of the box and in trend. With daring colours and geometric patterns and styles that are paired with equally bold furnishings, you can give your room a perfect contemporary look.

How do you want to use it?

Last but not the least, you need to figure out how do you plan on using your wallpaper. Wallpaper can be installed in a number of ways in your rooms. for example, cover all the walls. This is the most classic way of using wallpaper. The key is to let go of all the traditional ideas and go in for a more look that is modern and chic. In certain spaces a striking and graphic wall paper would look alluring covering all the walls, whereas in others a simple pattern will give a more delicate look. Another way could be to cover half the wall. Using wallpaper to cover the upper or lower part of the wall could be a great way to use it without giving an aura of restlessness. This style will give you room a more traditional look and it never goes out of style! Lastly use your wallpaper to create a feature wall. This could be a good way to enhance or create focus to a dominant wall side. Use a bold, dramatic wallpaper on the wall to create the focal point or the highlight of the room and use a matching or contrasting wallpaper for the rest of the walls.

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